What are we doing here?

The home page covers the purpose of this website and the goals we hope to achieve. This post is not to reiterate what has already been said but to illuminate some of the features you will see appearing on this site soon.

The end goal of any filmmaker is to have their film seen. For this there are various resources such as festivals and filmnights, and filmmakers are able to accomplish submitting to festivals and filmnights with the help of some wonderful websites specializing in that. There are also media promotion companies which specialize in getting presskits out to reviewers. What is not available is an easy resource for finding reviewers and other outlets to promote one’s film, and especially at no cost.

Of course we want to eventually include resources on this site that cut across all fields dealing with indie films from production to distribution. The most reasonable and useful place to start is with promotion. The first sections you will see on this blog have to do with films and filmmakers.

The films section is a place for filmmakers to list their films with presskits, social media links*, screener information, posters and screencaps.

The filmmakers section is a place where filmmakers will have their own pages with contact information and links to their films.

*For some social media links may seem trivial but as much as a filmmaker makes a film to be seen a writer writes to be read and tagging others in their social media posts with links to their reviews accomplishes this. Sadly a lot of time is wasted searching for the right person with the same name as several others on social media. Steps to help reviewers promote their reviews of your film also helps you to promote your film.

Other sections will follow which include sections for actors, film festivals, filmnights, and a directory of indie film reviewers so you don’t have to spend as much time getting people to review your film.

Of course we jumped into this site headfirst. The idea being that necessity is the mother of invention. We could have spent a lot of time planning and organizing, but we would still start off in the same place we are now, and as we learned even in the beginning stages we had to adjust a few things before we even got the site started.

It’s going to be a good amount of work getting this site going and then maintaining it. In the end though the goal is to be a voice for independent filmmakers and creatives who often are drowned out to a whisper by the noise of big studios.

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