A Template for Creating Your Own Film Listing

One of the many features we have set up on this site is film listings. These are more film resource pages you can use to provide information to reviewers and others about your film, all conveniently in one location. This includes actor names, summary, links, social media links, trailer, film poster and stills.

Looking at a blank page is daunting. After several film listings we have posted, I have put together a template you can just copy from this page and paste into the post editor when creating your film listing. All you need to do after that is basically fill in the blanks by removing the instructions in parenthesis and replacing them with your information.

Just copy the following from this post and paste it into your own post. Don’t worry if you make mistakes or it’s not perfect; I’ll clean it up after you submit it for review:


Film Title: (I figure you got this one)

Genre: (don’t get creative; the most basic genre into which your film fits)

Time: (running time of the film in minutes)

Location: (where it was shot or filmmaker’s home city, state and/or country)

Director: (name)

Starring: (actor 1 as, actor 2 as, actor 3 as, and so on; only list the major characters not your whole cast)

Plot Summary: (in 100 wors or less)

Trailer: (Vimeo or YouTube. If YouTube, go down one line by hitting enter then paste the url; WordPress will automatically insert a preview window.)

Screener: (if you don’t have a public screener put ‘Contact Your Name (see below)’ here; if it is only on Amazon Prime, paste a link to it and specify it is Amazon Prime )


(post links to your film website, IMDb page and social media pages)

(Actor Name): (twitter, facebook, website, etc.)

(Actor Name): (twitter, facebook, website, etc.)


(upload your movie poster here; use the ‘Add Media’ button above to upload)


(upload some stills here; use the ‘Add Media’ button above to upload)

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