Smartphone Friendly Template for Film Listings

Not being a smartphone user I made a mistake in the last film listing template, being I made it too long for a smartphone screen and those copying and pasting it to use it were only getting part of it. I have shortened the template to make it more smartphone friendly.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been having internet problems, and this has made it difficult, obviously, to work on the site. I have a connection again, though limited, but I’m going to do what I can to get listings and features up on the site. You can help with this, very much.

I’m not kidding about the social media links. Some still think this is a trivial even moot point, even after how much I’ve written about how it helps you as a filmmaker in getting your film reviewed. With a limited internet connection I cannot be searching out social media links and websites to include in your listing. If it’s not convenient to add the links to your listing at the time, you can add them later or send them to me via  Twitter or Facebook.

These film listings are for your benefit. They are set up to ideally be used as presskits and resource pages to give you something to provide for reviewers and others when promoting your film, and they are free. Without links and images others can use to promote your film they are rather useless. Being I have a limited connection, and it is time consuming if I have to search out links and images for your listing, if you have not included some in your film listing, it won’t be posted. I’m not trying to be mean, but the point of a film listing on this site is to give you something to promote your film, and without those resources it just simply is not that.

You can copy and paste the template below into the editor when creating a post for your film listing. Just fill in the information in place of what’s in the parenthesis. Feel free to link actor’s names to their IMDb profiles if you want to, but it’s not a requirement. When you’re finished you can ‘submit for review’. Don’t worry if you make a mistake or think you did, I’ll be polishing it after the fact anyway before it gets posted.


Film Title: (I figure you got this one)
Genre: (don’t get creative; the most basic genre into which your film fits)
Time: (running time of the film in minutes)
Location: (where it was shot or filmmaker’s home city, state and/or country)
Director: (name)
Starring: (actor 1 as, actor 2 as, and so on; only list the top 3-5 major characters)
Plot Summary: (in 100 words or less)
Trailer: (Vimeo or YouTube. If YouTube, go down one line by hitting enter then paste the url; WordPress will automatically insert a preview window.)
Screener: (if you don’t have a public screener put Contact Your Name (see below) here)
Links: (post links to your film website, IMDb page and social media pages)
(Actor Name): (twitter, facebook, website, etc., for each of the primaries)
Poster (upload your movie poster here)
Stills (upload some stills here)

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