Smartphones & MIFA… Living in Harmony?

Being I write quite a bit, and more than you see online from me, I use a laptop at a minimum or a desktop. I guess I’ve gotten used to this and had not considered the potential number of people who use smartphones for their internet. I can certainly understand browsing and watching videos, checking email, and stuff like that, but do you smartphone users actually use them to write with? If you write like I do on a smartphone or tablet there’s got to be a not too distant future of carpel tunnel or arthritis waiting for you.

Well, as you can probably tell by now I’m not a smartphone user. But I have noticed that some of the users and prospective users of this site are. Hence there a few things I need to do in order to make it more smartphone friendly.

The template itself is not a problem. It’s responsive and if need be will switch to a mobile only template. Though if you have any problems with the template on your device do let me know about it. I don’t know if I can do anything about it, but I’ll try.

What has been a problem primarily is the template I posted for film listings. I spaced it as though someone would be accessing it on a more traditional computer. This appears to have resulted in smartphone users only being able to copy and paste a part of the template rather than the full template. I have since reformatted it to be more smartphone friendly, I hope. Being there are numerous types of smartphones from pocket-size to near as big as your head, ‘smartphone friendly’ is open to interpretation..

A natural assumption of mine, and therefore likely wrong too, was that reviewers have the capability to do screencaps with their media viewers. I don’t know how many reviewers watch and review movies with a smartphone or other tablet (and how in the world can you accomplish that) but I need to take that into consideration and things I can do to make the resources in the film listings more smartphone friendly by maybe having different sizes of posters and stills available? Or do your smartphones resize them for you if they are particularly large?

Until my internet interruption that has put this site on hold I had been in the dark about much of the mobile internet today and how a smartphone user sees the internet. Having to resort to using an Android phone for a while to access the the internet the first thing that came to mind was why in the hell would anybody prefer mobile internet. Admittedly I still think that as I’m used to desktop internet. What I can learn from a smartphone though is how to make the site more accessible to smartphone users. So please feel free to tell me of any problems you’re having, with the site (not your life), and what I could possibly do to make it more accessible for you.

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