Filmmakers – Please email your film details to : info@myindiefilmadvantage.com

We will compile a bulletin and distribute.

***If your Screener has a password which you would prefer not to share publicly please state this clearly – and for any interested parties to contact you directly.***


Please format in the following way:


Film Name:  Your Film Name

Genre: Your Film’s Genre (from the best fit from the list at the bottom of the page)

Trailer: A link to your trailer

Screener: A link to your screener

Website: A link to your film’s website.  Ideally we would like you to create a small wordpress website with the above information.  We are not endorsing WordPress but we run our page from it so having a WordPress is very beneficial for future integration. Ideally create a wordpress one with a link to your own site, if you have one

Director: The Film’s Director

Synopsis:  A 100 Word Synopsis. We can;t have more as the bulletins need to be read easily.

Geographic Location:  This is very important for potential film night screenings





Film Name: The Godfather

Genre: Gangster

Trailer: http://www.

Screener: http://www.vimeo.com


Synopsis: Blah, blah

Geographic Location: LA, United States