The Value of Screeners

Way back when studios sent out screeners on VHS tape that would display a text of “For Review Purposes Only” every few minutes, this was for a time when reviews showed up in newspapers and magazines. The necessity for screencaps did not exist because the technology did not exist, at a user level. Reviewers would be provided with stills their publications could use for promotional purposes. The downside to that system was the expense. For big studios this was a write-off as they could produce presskits in bulk. It was an expense often outside the capabilities of many indie filmmakers, especially those at the grassroots level.

Today’s digital media and internet have changed that. Screeners can be downloaded with no expense up front such as discs or tapes. And screeners can now be used for screencaps and stills can be hosted online and downloaded by reviewers for use in their reviews. A lot of what was the province of big studios can now be done by the independent filmmaker. Continue reading “The Value of Screeners”


A Template for Creating Your Own Film Listing

One of the many features we have set up on this site is film listings. These are more film resource pages you can use to provide information to reviewers and others about your film, all conveniently in one location. This includes actor names, summary, links, social media links, trailer, film poster and stills.

Looking at a blank page is daunting. After several film listings we have posted, I have put together a template you can just copy from this page and paste into the post editor when creating your film listing. All you need to do after that is basically fill in the blanks by removing the instructions in parenthesis and replacing them with your information. Continue reading “A Template for Creating Your Own Film Listing”


Getting Your Film Reviewed

Getting your film reviewed would seem like a simple process at the outset. The hard part is done; making the film. But getting your film reviewed is more than just getting an opinion on it, unless you don’t mind leaving it up to the trolls who inhabit IMDb. As a reviewer I’m going to give you some insight into the mind of the reviewer that you can use to increase the chances of getting your film reviewed, and possibly in a more favorable light (i.e. don’t piss off the person about to review your film by making it difficult for them).

The one thing right up front that will get your film reviewed more often, and frankly this is the only thing that matters, is making it easier for a reviewer to review your film. I’m not suggesting that you go out on a limb or jump through hoops, and I have done more than that to review a film, but the more work a reviewer has to do to get information on your film and the people involved is that much more that is likely to turn them off from reviewing it. Continue reading “Getting Your Film Reviewed”